This is our second Spring Sale we are conducting for Multiple Consignors. High Quality Items!! Tools, Household, Equipment, Collectibles, Antiques and Much More!!! Many Items are either New In Box (NIB), New, Like New Condition or Gently Used! 400 GREAT LOTS! OVER 2000 PICTURES! All items are at our facility in Calhan, CO and due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are are having our second Spring Auction Sale on-line only.Preview by appointment, 719-683-7235. Pick up for this sale will be in Calhan, CO, shipping will also be offered.Happy Bidding!

Lot #: 1a

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Lot #: 1d

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Lot #: 1f

Central Machinery Belt Sander

Lot #: 2

De Walt Planer In Case

Lot #: 3

De Walt Router

Lot #: 4

Villaware Smothie Bar

Lot #: 5

African Bolga Basket

Lot #: 6

African Bolga Basket

Lot #: 7

Baskets. Group Of (4) Four

Lot #: 8

Mikasa Crystal Snowflake Chip & Dip Tray

Lot #: 9

Yorkshire Beverage Dispenser

Lot #: 10

Vintage Chatillon Hardware Scale

Lot #: 11

Italian Villa Pizza Baking Stone

Lot #: 12

Toscany 12 Cup Punch Bowl Set

Lot #: 13

Rock Tumbler & Stones (Lapidary Items)

Lot #: 14

Cobra 3 In 1 Photo Scanner

Lot #: 15

Cast Iron Bird Coat Rack

Lot #: 16

Cast Iron Antique Drive Gear

Lot #: 17

Community Ballad Silver Plated Flatware (75 Pcs)

Lot #: 18

International Stainless Deluxe Flatware (28 Pcs)

Lot #: 19

Vintage Jason Wall Barometer

Lot #: 20

Reed’S Rocket Nut Cracker (With Original Box)

Lot #: 21

Hardware/Tool Carrier Trays & Shop Items.

Lot #: 22

Beal Tool Company Wood Threader

Lot #: 23

8 Oz Paints & Stains

Lot #: 24

Paint & Stain Lot

Lot #: 25

Paint & Stain Lot

Lot #: 26

Paint & Stain Lot

Lot #: 27

Decorative Items

Lot #: 28

32.5 Oz Paints & Stains

Lot #: 29

Cans Spray Paint Cans (18)

Lot #: 30

Leather Machete Sheath

Lot #: 31

Mrs Tea Hot Tea Maker

Lot #: 32

Southwest Bell Phone Cord And Jack Repair Set

Lot #: 33

Wire Welding Accessories

Lot #: 34

Shop Garment, Workbelt & Accessories

Lot #: 35

Wooden Artist Box

Lot #: 36

Painting Supplies

Lot #: 37

Drywall Supplies

Lot #: 38

New Painting Supplies

Lot #: 39

Painting Shield And Mixer

Lot #: 40

Tru-Grip Ct50C 50-Inch Clamp-N-Tool Guide

Lot #: 41

Sanding & Grinding Accessories (New)

Lot #: 42

Measuring Tools & Calipers

Lot #: 43

Alpaca Weather Vane

Lot #: 44

Staple Guns With Staples

Lot #: 45


Lot #: 46

Grease Gun & Grease

Lot #: 47

Electric Staple Gun

Lot #: 48

Bostich Hammer Tacker/Stapler (New)

Lot #: 49

Chicago Variable Speed 3/8 Drill

Lot #: 50

Chicago 1/4 Trimmer Router

Lot #: 51

Bead Sets (11) Made In India (New)

Lot #: 52

Tooling Sets, Needle File Set, Corner Chisel

Lot #: 53

Craftsman Dual Action Sander

Lot #: 54

Rockwell High Frequency Oscillating Tool

Lot #: 55

Chicago 3/8″ Drill

Lot #: 56

Ryobi Detail Carver

Lot #: 57

Craftsman Rotary Tool

Lot #: 58

Craftsman Engraving Tool

Lot #: 59

Craftsman Electric Nail Gun

Lot #: 60

Knife Sharpening Stones/Hones

Lot #: 61

Drill Master Heat Gun

Lot #: 62

Electric Trouble Light

Lot #: 63

File And Rasp Collection

Lot #: 64

Caulking Guns

Lot #: 65

Bow Saw And Crow Bar

Lot #: 66

Squares, Gauges & Calipers

Lot #: 67

Caulking Gun And Tubes

Lot #: 68

Hinge Collection & Hinge Drill

Lot #: 69

Pipe Wrenches (6)

Lot #: 70

Adjustable Wrenches (6)

Lot #: 71

Socket Allen Sets & Allen Wrench Sets

Lot #: 72

Bad Dog Biter Nibbler & Other Drill Accessories

Lot #: 73

Atlas 150 Pasta Maker

Lot #: 74

Chicago Electric Bit Sharpener

Lot #: 75

Craftsman Electric Wet Sharpening Wheel

Lot #: 76

Dowling Jigs (2) Nib

Lot #: 77

Craftsman 1/2″ Drill

Lot #: 78

Small Crowbars/Wrecking Bars (3)

Lot #: 79

Brass Router Bushing Set

Lot #: 80

Large Vintage Open End Wrench

Lot #: 81

Chisels, Punches & Knives

Lot #: 82

New Saw Baldes

Lot #: 83

New Dodge Ram Mudflap Set

Lot #: 84

Like New Plastic Tool Box

Lot #: 85

Laminated Maple Chopping Block

Lot #: 86

Chicago 3/8′ Variable Speed Drill

Lot #: 87

Trouble Shop Light

Lot #: 88

Drill Bit Collection

Lot #: 89

Long Brad Point Drill Bits, Drum Sander Kit, More?

Lot #: 90

Delta 17-924 Drill Mortising Attachment

Lot #: 91

Large Collection Quality Christmas Dcor

Lot #: 92

Shopsmith Double Bar Wood Clamps (2)

Lot #: 93

8″ Chimney Brush

Lot #: 94

E. Emerson Straight Edge Clamping Tool Guide

Lot #: 95

Impact Sockets & Extensions

Lot #: 96

Wire Brushes

Lot #: 97

Realistic Voice Actuated Fm Transceiver Set

Lot #: 98

Multi Hooks

Lot #: 99

Dial Indicator

Lot #: 100

Speeco S24059200 Auger Screw Point (New)

Lot #: 101

Mini Bar Clamps (3)

Lot #: 102

Pittsburgh 2 Pc 3/4″ Hd Pipe Clamp Set (Nib)

Lot #: 103

Pitsburgh Folding Lug Wrench, Multi Socket (New)

Lot #: 104

Kobalt 14″ Pipe Wrench (New)

Lot #: 105

Central Pneumatic Air Nailer/Stapler

Lot #: 106

Blaylock Trailer Hitch Lock With Masterlock

Lot #: 107

Set Crowbars (2)

Lot #: 108

Mounting Angle Clamp Guide

Lot #: 109

Kreg Corner Clamps (New)

Lot #: 110

(6) Miter Box Corner Clamps

Lot #: 111

(4) Kreg Face Clamps

Lot #: 112

(3) Wood Clamps

Lot #: 113

(6) Aluminum Block Spring Milling Clamps

Lot #: 114

Plastic Drywall Tools

Lot #: 115

Garden & Sprinkler Supplies

Lot #: 116

Planes And Circle Cutter

Lot #: 117

Magnetic Drill Bit Holders And Bar

Lot #: 118

(4) Wooden Handscrew Clamps

Lot #: 119

Nylon Ratchet Straps

Lot #: 120

Diamond 8″ Cast Iron Chimney Damper

Lot #: 121

Air Hose, Tools And Attachments

Lot #: 122

(2) Trailer Jack Stands

Lot #: 123

Peg Board Hooks, Broom Holders, Tool Holder

Lot #: 124

(4)Chrome Trailer Hubcaps (New)

Lot #: 125

Castors (2 Sets Of Four, New )

Lot #: 126

2″ Trailer Ball 1″ Shaft

Lot #: 127

Circle/Hole Cutter Set (Lnib)

Lot #: 128

Router Bits

Lot #: 129

Central Pneumatic Air Hammer (Nib) And Bits

Lot #: 130

Kreg Pocket Hole Plug Cutter (Nib)

Lot #: 131

Teknatool Nova Check. Bladepoint Laser Allignment

Lot #: 132

Remington 476 Power Hammer (Nib)

Lot #: 133

Storehouse 106 Pc Hex Cap Screw Assortment

Lot #: 134

Levels (6)

Lot #: 135

(2) Veritas Saws. Dovetail And Crosscut. Nib

Lot #: 136

(2) 12″X 4″ Deep Throat U-Clamps

Lot #: 137

C-Clamps Collection (13)

Lot #: 138

Pliers (7)

Lot #: 139

Pliers Group

Lot #: 140

Large Group Hand Clamps

Lot #: 141

Mechanics Wrenches

Lot #: 142

Hand Saw and Miter Saw Blade

Lot #: 143

(2) Rolls Romex Type Indoor Wiring. (New)

Lot #: 144

(8) Vise Grip Type of Clamps.

Lot #: 145

(15) Pittsburgh Wood Clamps

Lot #: 146

Hardware Cases & Hardware

Lot #: 147

Plumbers Tool Box

Lot #: 148

(8) Right Angle Frame Clamps (Corner Clamps)

Lot #: 149

Wolfcraft Woodworking Frame Clamping Strap Holder

Lot #: 150

Mc Lite Electrical Wire (Metal Clad Cable)

Lot #: 151

(4) Irwin 12″ Quick Grip Clamps (New)

Lot #: 152

(9) Quick Grip Clamps

Lot #: 153

Coleman Lantern with Jon-E Hand Warmer

Lot #: 154

Green Table Saw Tenon Jig.

Lot #: 155

Graco 18v Battery Powered Airless Sprayer

Lot #: 156

Handmade Wooden Tool Box

Lot #: 157

(5) Woodworking Edge Clamps.

Lot #: 158

(3) Clamps

Lot #: 159

(5) C Clamps

Lot #: 160

Kreg Pocket Hole Tool, Dovetail Tools & Screws

Lot #: 161

Lasko Space Heater

Lot #: 162

Old Carpenters Plane

Lot #: 163

(4) Magnetic Parts Trays

Lot #: 164

Terracotta Republic Cannonball Beer Growler

Lot #: 165

Sculpting / Modeling Clay

Lot #: 166

Mechanics Group

Lot #: 167

Wood Saws & Hack Saws (14)

Lot #: 168

Stacking Hardware Bins

Lot #: 169

Central Machine Variable Speed Drill Press

Lot #: 170

Screwdriver Collection & More

Lot #: 171

Misc. Group Tools & Antiques

Lot #: 172

(4) Goodyear Advertising Tire Ashtrays

Lot #: 173

(3) Sets Ear Muffs

Lot #: 174

Power On Board Emergency Lantern

Lot #: 175

Drill Press Vise

Lot #: 176

Pegboard Tool Holders & Socket Holders

Lot #: 177

(3) Sets Ear Muffs

Lot #: 178

Vintage 1950 Colorado License Plate

Lot #: 179

Vintage 1968-74 Utah License Plate

Lot #: 180

3 License Plates: Virginia, Colorado, Maryland

Lot #: 181

Quality Kitchen Collection

Lot #: 182

Scandinavian Cookie Deep Frying Molds

Lot #: 183

Aerolatte Milk Frother & (2) Whisks

Lot #: 184

Bread Baking Accessories

Lot #: 185

Decorative Plates & Cups

Lot #: 186

Cups, Saucers, Creamer & Sugar

Lot #: 187

Chicken Collection

Lot #: 188

Pink Glass Nesting Chickens Candy Bowls

Lot #: 189

Snack Plates & Bowls

Lot #: 190

Chicken Collection Ceramic

Lot #: 191

Cast Iron Rooster Door Stopper

Lot #: 192

Cast Iron Cat Door Stopper

Lot #: 193

Cast Iron Duck Door Stopper

Lot #: 194

(5) Glass Vases

Lot #: 195

Cooking Matts

Lot #: 196

(5) Christmas Mugs

Lot #: 197

Pitcher & Bowls, Holly Pattern

Lot #: 198

Antique Amber Crystal & Glass. Green Glass

Lot #: 199

Oven Crispers, Grill Sheets

Lot #: 200

(4) Deer Antlers & Antler Dye

Lot #: 201

(2) Bag Gromet Sets and Pliers

Lot #: 202

Screen Door /Window Repair and Other Tools

Lot #: 203

(2) Flats with New Misc. Hardware

Lot #: 204

(2) Flats with New Misc. Hardware

Lot #: 205

(3) Flats with New Misc. Hardware

Lot #: 206

Electrical Repair Group

Lot #: 207

Electrical Repair Group

Lot #: 208

(22) Wood Drill Bits

Lot #: 209

(3) Tin Snips

Lot #: 210

Hinges & Gate Hardware

Lot #: 211

Electrical Repair Group

Lot #: 212

Battery Charger & Accessories.

Lot #: 213

Small Engine Repair & Lube Group

Lot #: 214

Teknatool Nova Scroll Chuck Accessory Jaws

Lot #: 215

New Hardware & Fittings

Lot #: 216

Taps & Dies

Lot #: 217

Hammer Collection (8)

Lot #: 218

(3) Face Shields

Lot #: 219

Bench Cookie Set

Lot #: 220

(2) GI Entrenching Tools (Shovels)

Lot #: 221

(5) Cutting Boards

Lot #: 222

Rangemate Nonstick Microwave Grill (NIB)

Lot #: 223

Villa Ware Prego Pizzelle Baker

Lot #: 224

KRUPS FDE312 Universal Grill and Panini Maker

Lot #: 225

Williams Sonoma Culinary Torch

Lot #: 226

Rival Toaster Oven (New)

Lot #: 227

Pitcher, Covered Dish, Pottery Piece

Lot #: 228

(2) Pottery Pitchers

Lot #: 229

Pottery Collection

Lot #: 230

Lillian Vernon Pottery Collection

Lot #: 231

Ventura V-10 Acoustic Guitar In Case

Lot #: 232

Metal Drawered Hardware Bin (Full of Hardware)

Lot #: 233

Presto Heat Dish Space Heater

Lot #: 234

Bungee Cord Net Pickup Cover

Lot #: 235

Hardware Collection

Lot #: 236

Hardware Collection

Lot #: 237

(4) Rolls of Screen & Fabric

Lot #: 238

(5) Bags Wood Pellets

Lot #: 239

Incra Precision Woodworking Tool Fence

Lot #: 240

JoinTech Incremental Positioning Machine Fence

Lot #: 241

Metal Duck Stand

Lot #: 242

Snowman Stand

Lot #: 243

Harley Davidson Bag & Dog Accessories

Lot #: 244

Dog & Pet Accessories

Lot #: 245

Dog & Pet Accessories

Lot #: 246

Dog & Pet Accessories

Lot #: 247

Kitchen Group

Lot #: 248

Chris Freytag Electric Ice Tea Machine

Lot #: 249

Bellville Gourmet Electric Wok

Lot #: 250

New Serving Trays

Lot #: 251

Grating Machine & Food Saver

Lot #: 252

Euro Steam Evolution Hand Iron

Lot #: 253

Oster Electric Fondue Pot

Lot #: 254

Rival Crock Pot

Lot #: 255

Slicers & Mixer Bowls

Lot #: 256

Plano Tackle Box & Tackle

Lot #: 257

Working Scottish Bagpipes

Lot #: 258

Radio Controlled Toys

Lot #: 259

Eddie Bauer Insulated Jug and New Ice Cube Trays

Lot #: 260

New Professional Kitchen Utensils

Lot #: 261

(2) Ammo Boxes

Lot #: 262

Lanterns, Candles & Bowls

Lot #: 263

Plates & Dishes Collection

Lot #: 264

Panasonic 1200 Watt Stainless Microwave

Lot #: 265

Pet Taxi Pet Carrier

Lot #: 266

(2) Large Decorator Candles & Wrought Iron Stands

Lot #: 267

Letter & Number Stamp Set

Lot #: 268

Brother KR 850 Ribbing Attachment

Lot #: 269

Brother KRC1000e Double Bed Color Changer

Lot #: 270

Brother KH970 Stitch Leader Knitting Machine

Lot #: 271

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 272

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 273

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 274

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 275

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 276

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 277

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 278

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 279

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 280

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 281

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 282

Coca Cola Advertising & Collectible Items

Lot #: 283

Wooden Puzzles, Tissue Holder, Wooden Pictures

Lot #: 284

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printer

Lot #: 285

Longaberger Handmade Basket

Lot #: 286

“Thirty-One” Brand Bags & Blanket

Lot #: 287

IdylisModel 625616 Portable Air Conditioner

Lot #: 288

IdylisModel 416710 Portable Air Conditioner

Lot #: 289

Ball Freezer Jars

Lot #: 290

Dyson Vacuum

Lot #: 291

Janitorial Supplies

Lot #: 292

(2) Roll of Clear Plastic

Lot #: 293

Dowling Kits

Lot #: 294

Snail Cannister Seal Set.

Lot #: 295

Small Shark Vacuum

Lot #: 296

Le Creuset Pan

Lot #: 297

Le Creuset Grill/Lid

Lot #: 298

Le Creuset Pan With Lid

Lot #: 299

Le Creuset Gridle/Pan

Lot #: 300

Le Creuset Pan With Lid

Lot #: 301

Le Creuset Casserole Pan

Lot #: 302

Le Creuset Ceramic Pitcher

Lot #: 303

Mission Styled Cabinet

Lot #: 304

Mohawk Commercial Floor Matt

Lot #: 305

Alpaca Yarn. (29) Rolls & Books

Lot #: 306

(4) Simply Storage Baskets (New)

Lot #: 307

Lighting Bulb Group

Lot #: 308

(2) Alabaster & Iron Candle Holders & Shelf

Lot #: 309

Onn 32″ LED HDTV

Lot #: 310

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones

Lot #: 311

(15) Knitting & Crocheting Books

Lot #: 312

Sewing Supplies

Lot #: 313

Pentax Spotmatic 35mm SLR Camera Set

Lot #: 314

Foot Rocker & LG Tec Elite

Lot #: 315

Class & Crystal Group

Lot #: 316

Large Group Kitchen Utensils/Tools

Lot #: 317

Kitchen Utensils/Tools

Lot #: 318

Jade Lighting Make Up Mirror

Lot #: 319

Laguna Pottery Bowl

Lot #: 320

12″ Heavy Crystal Fruit Bowl

Lot #: 321

(2) New Bundt Cake Pans & (1) Hot Plate Tile

Lot #: 322

International Silver Co Ice Bucket & Tongs

Lot #: 323

Williams Sonoma Grill Press

Lot #: 324

Glass & Pottery Collection

Lot #: 325

Calphalon 1805 Stainless Roaster With Rack

Lot #: 326

Pampered Chef Springform Pan Set

Lot #: 327

Pampered Chef Cookie Press

Lot #: 328

Pampered Chef 9-inch Stoneware Pie Plate

Lot #: 329

Cusipro Food Mill

Lot #: 330

USA Shaped Cutting Board

Lot #: 331

Stainless Strainer Pan & Glass Cook Dish

Lot #: 332

Fit Fresh Lunch Pkg &Fresh Saver Containers

Lot #: 333

Rachael Ray 2-Piece Flared Oval Baker Set

Lot #: 334

CooksEssentials 2qt Stainless Steel Pressure Cooke

Lot #: 335

KitchenAid Food Processor

Lot #: 336

Mini Slider & Bun Pan Sets

Lot #: 337

Kids Group

Lot #: 338

Williams & Sonoma Mini Muffin Trays

Lot #: 339

Leifheit Cherry Pitter/Destoner

Lot #: 340

(6) New Baking Pans

Lot #: 341

Himalayan Salt Block

Lot #: 342

Collectors Items

Lot #: 343

Vapor Valve Whistle Top Pots

Lot #: 344

Coopers Craft Brew kit

Lot #: 345

Pyrex Portable Covered 11″ Bowl and Travel Contain

Lot #: 346

(3) Ceramic Chickens

Lot #: 347

Brass Navigators Transom

Lot #: 348

Salad Accessories

Lot #: 349

Lobster TV Trays

Lot #: 350

Bamboo Serving Trays

Lot #: 351

Chicken Collection

Lot #: 352

Christmas Ceramic Collection

Lot #: 353

Glass & Ceramic Collection

Lot #: 354

Candle Holders & Crystal Dishes

Lot #: 355

Cups & Soap Dish

Lot #: 356

Wooden Plate, Mickey Mouse Plate, Moose Signs

Lot #: 357

Emergency Car Bag

Lot #: 358

African Rain Stick

Lot #: 359

Glass & Bowl Collection

Lot #: 360

Cedar Box, Crucifixes, Craft Broom

Lot #: 361

(7) Pair Leather Gloves

Lot #: 362

All Clad & Cuisinart Pans

Lot #: 363

Packmate Storage

Lot #: 364

Melannco Frame

Lot #: 365

Kitchen Craft By Westbend Pans

Lot #: 366

Misc. Kitchen Stuff

Lot #: 367

(9) Italian Cook Books

Lot #: 368

(10) Heart heathy Cook Books

Lot #: 369

(5) Home Cooking Cook Books

Lot #: 370

(5) Diet Cook Books

Lot #: 371

(7) America Test Kitchen Cook Books

Lot #: 372

(3) America Test Kitchen Cook Books & (2) DVD Sets

Lot #: 373

(13) Slow Cooker Cook Books

Lot #: 374

(4) Pressure Cooker Cook Books

Lot #: 375

(6) Soup & Stew Cook Books

Lot #: 376

(7) Bread & Baking Cook Books

Lot #: 377

(6) Chinese /Foreign Cook Books

Lot #: 378

(7) Dessert Cook Books

Lot #: 379

(5) Local & Regional Cook Books

Lot #: 380

(8) Celebrity Cook Books

Lot #: 381

(6) Fundamental Cook Books

Lot #: 382

(8) Misc. Cook Books

Lot #: 383

Harley Davidson Ladies Leather Set (Jacket & Chaps

Lot #: 384

Harley Davidson Ladies Leather Set (Jacket & Chaps

Lot #: 385

Harley Davidson Ladies Leather Jacket

Lot #: 386

Harley Davidson Ladies Leather Jacket

Lot #: 387

Harley Davidson Men’s Leather Jacket

Lot #: 388

Harley Davidson Men’s Chaps

Lot #: 389

Harley Davidson Men’s Chaps

Lot #: 390

Harley Davidson Ladies Suede Jacket

Lot #: 391

Harley Davidson Ladies Suede Vest

Lot #: 392

Frontier Collection Ladies Suede Jacket

Lot #: 393

Continental Leather Fashions Ladies Leather Jacket

Lot #: 394

Continental Leather Fashions Ladies Skirt

Lot #: 395

Harley Davidson Travel Cooler Bag

Lot #: 396

(2) Harley Davidson Embroidered Emblems

Lot #: 397

Men’s Lined Cold Weather NOMEX Flight Jacket

Lot #: 398

Radnor Leather Welders Smock/Jacket

Lot #: 399

Larry Levin Ladies Parka

Lot #: 400

Ladies Full Length Leather Coat

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Beginning on the 31st day after purchase, this Guarantee of Authenticity is limited to determining the authenticity of the coin or currency only. Refund of the purchase price is not guaranteed. 2b. PRECIOUS METALS, STONES, & PRECIOUS STONES GUARANTEE: MH Bar Auction strives to provide timely and accurate information for all items sold or offered for sale in all its auctions. Items containing precious metals, semi-precious and precious stones are tested, weighed, sized, and described as accurately as possible. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to identify metals and stones and utilize the services of GIA appraisers to identify and classify precious stones. Precious metal content for silver, gold and platinum is guaranteed to be within acceptable norms. Diamonds below .25 ctw are not guaranteed. Diamonds over .25 ctw are guaranteed to be authentic. Semi-precious stones may or may not be identified by type or only by color reference. Turquoise stones will only be identified as turquoise without regard to specific type. Unless specifically identified, all weights listed for an item include all pieces and parts of the item. 3. PROPERTY DESCRIPTION; ERROR; REMEDY: MH Bar Auction makes every attempt to carefully describe the merchandise in advertising, on the internet, and at the auction, but makes no representation as to accuracy. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, authenticity, value or any other determinative factor. Internet Bidders who bid from off site and do not attend any preview inspection understand and acknowledge that they may not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. In no event shall MH Bar Auction be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. MH Bar Auction does not guarantee any appraisal, grading or certification. If you have questions or need more information about any item offered for auction, PLEASE ASK BEFORE BIDDING. You, the Bidder, shall be the sole judge of value. As the Bidder, it is your sole responsibility to determine if any item is legal where you live or where the item will be used. By placing a bid, Bidder acknowledges that he or she has inspected the items to his or her satisfaction or chooses not to examine them at his or her sole risk. MH Bar Auction will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise unless it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself. Bidder agrees that he or she may not return any item they purchase for any reason except an intentional and material misrepresentation of the item itself made by MH Bar Auction. Bidder's sole remedy in the event of an intentional and material misrepresentation of an item shall be to return the item, at their expense and in the same condition it was shipped to them. If MH Bar Auction agrees that the item was materially and intentionally misrepresented, MH Bar Auction will refund an amount up to the Bidder's purchase price to him/her. Bidder furthermore agrees that MH Bar Auction's liability to any Bidder shall never be for an amount greater than the purchase price of the item they purchased. BIDS CANNOT BE REMOVED UNLESS IT IS AN OBVIOUS TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR. MAKE CERTAIN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BIDDING ON BEFORE YOU BID. If an item(s) is damaged during shipment and buyer purchased insurance for the item damaged, within 48 hours of receipt of the item, buyer is responsible for notifying MH Bar Auction of the damage by texting or emailing a description and photo of said damage to 406-450-2051 / 406-450-1898 or [email protected] Buyer must preserve all pieces of the item and any packaging it was received in. Failure to do any of these things may void an insurance claim. Buyer acknowledges insurance claims and payments may take up to 30 days to be resolved and any claim for damage during shipping is limited to the amount invoiced for the item plus Buyer's Premium and Sales Taxes if charged. Shipping charges are excluded and are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. 4. PAYMENT INFORMATION: Effective June, 1, 2020, unless you have an established buying record with us, we will charge all credit cards immediately after the close of the auction. If you have an established record with us, we will automatically extend to you the option of paying with cash or check at auction pickup. FOR NEW CUSTOMERS: In order to help eliminate credit card fraud, if your anticipated purchase or actual purchase is more than $500.00, we may require payment by wire transfer. Please call for details. MH Bar Auction accepts CASH, CHECK, MONEY ORDER, CREDIT CARD, OR WIRE TRANSFER. Acceptable credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Cashier's Checks, Personal Checks or Money Orders may be accepted with prior authorization and identity verification. Merchandise will be held for up to 14 days for these checks to clear. MH Bar Auction reserves the right to charge the Bidder's credit card the full amount of any or all of Bidder's pre- or live bids at any time. When the bidding for an item closes, Bidder assumes full responsibility for the merchandise. FOR INTERNET ONLY AUCTIONS, EVERYTHING MUST BE PAID FOR WITHIN 48 HOURS OF AUCTION CLOSE OR AS SPECIFIED IN THE AUCTION DESCRIPTION. All internet Bidders agree to pay a buyer's premium equal to Twelve Percent (12%) of the hammer price of each item they purchase. If the hammer price of an item is $100.00, the buyer's premium will be $12.00 for a total purchase price of $112.00. Under state law, applicable sales tax will be collected on the entire amount. There is a 3% discount for cash payments made within 48 hours of auction end. No discount is offered at any other time. The bidder/buyer agrees to reimburse the auctioneer for all expenses incurred in the collection of any bad debt in conjunction with this auction. We will charge an additional $30 fee to any buyer whose credit card is declined for any reason and bidding privileges will be suspended until paid in full. Buyers may utilize our online payment option. 5. INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER & SOFTWARE: MH Bar Auction is providing internet only bidding for this auction. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly during the auction period. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have a claim of any kind against MH Bar Auction or anyone else if the internet service fails to work correctly before or during the auction event. MH Bar Auction will not be responsible for any missed bids from any source. MH Bar Auction reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog items in this auction. In the event of any software problem, mistake or other issue, MH Bar Auction reserves the right to extend the closing times, stop, re-start or cancel this auction at its sole discretion. Although an item may display as "sold" on the internet, no sales are final until they are certified by MH Bar Auction and Bidder receives an invoice. The sale price recorded by the auction software provider shall be the official sale price of the item sold. MH Bar Auction reserves the right to cancel any or all sales and resell the items in whatever manner it chooses. 6. BID INCREMENTS; SELLER RESERVES; ELIGIBLE BIDDERS: The bids are advanced at pre-set increments which are viewable on the Auction Details page under the Bid Increments tab. From time to time MH Bar Auction may accept items with secret reserve amounts. The seller and MH Bar Auction reserve the right to bid on behalf of the seller on items which there may be a reserve. This is a public auction and as such, all qualified bidders may bid including MH Bar Auction owners, family members and employees. MH Bar Auction may reject or cancel any bid for any reason. The record of the auction made by MH Bar Auction shall be conclusive. 7. PLACING A BID; SOFT CLOSE: Bidders who choose to place bids on items may do so at any time after the auction officially opens and before the item closes. Bidders may choose to bid the next increment amount on any item or may wish to bid up to a maximum amount of their choosing. Bidding more than the next bid increment means you will bid in published increments up to and including your maximum amount but no higher, unless overridden by you. Your maximum bid amount will not become the high bid unless another bidder has previously placed a higher maximum amount for the same item. For example, suppose you wish to bid on an item XYZ Widget. The current bid for XYZ Widget is $4. You can either bid $6 (the next increment) or if you believe the item is worth $10, you can place a maximum bid you will pay at $10. The auction website will bid the next increment of $6 for you and if that is the only other bid on this item, the bid will remain there until it closes and you win the item. Another bidder may choose to bid $8 at which time the website will automatically place your bid of $10 (your maximum) and you are still the high bidder. If another bidder places a $12 bid on the item, unless you override your maximum bid amount, you will have been outbid and potentially will not win the item. When the bid was at $4 and you placed a maximum of $10 on the item, the high bid was not automatically raised to your maximum. Only bids from other interested buyers raised the bid to your max or beyond. You may at any time raise your maximum bid, however. This auction utilizes a "soft close" to end each item in the sale. A soft close means as items are closing, if there is a bid on the specific item or group of items within a certain time frame of the items scheduled close, then the item's closing time is extended a specified amount of time. This is done to prevent sniping of items at the end of an auction making it fair for everyone to bid. The soft close time is generally three minutes but can vary depending on the auction needs. 8. PROPERTY PICK-UP AND REMOVAL: All property shall be removed from the premises by the Bidder at his/her own risk and expense within the time period announced. FOR ITEMS SOLD AT OUR CALHAN, CO LOCATION: UNLESS OTHERWISE DESCRIBED, ALL MERCHANDISE PURCHASED AT THIS AUCTION MUST BE REMOVED WITHIN SEVEN DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE. THE SPECIFIED TIME FRAMES ARE REGULARLY TUESDAY - FRIDAY, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM AND SATURDAY, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ALTERED IN THE AUCTION TERMS. UNLESS SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE WITH MH Bar Auction OR THE ITEM IS BEING SHIPPED THESE DAYS AND TIMES WILL APPLY. PROPERTY NOT REMOVED WITHIN SEVEN DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE WILL HAVE A STORAGE CHARGE OF $10 PER LOT, PER DAY ADDED AND AFTER FOURTEEN DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE, THE ITEMS WILL BE CONSIDERED ABANDONED AND FORFEITED WITH NO REFUNDS. FOR ITEMS SOLD AT ONE OF OUR ON-SITE LOCATIONS: SPECIFIC DAYS & TIMES WILL BE PUBLISHED IN THE AUCTION DESCRIPTION AND SENT TO YOU VIA EMAIL. THESE DAYS AND TIMES WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO. SHOULD YOU NEED ALTERNATE ACCOMODATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU BID. MANY TIMES, ALTERNATE DATES ARE NOT AVAILABLE. ALTERNATE DATES AND TIMES MAY CAUSE ADDITIONAL CHARGES ON YOUR INVOICE. Abandoned property will revert to the seller for disposal and Bidder shall have no claim to merchandise not removed after the fourteen days. Buyer's bidding privileges will be suspended until storage costs have been paid in full. 9. SHIPPING: MH Bar Auction will ship most items if not prohibited by law or size restrictions. Generally, if an item you purchase can be shipped in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail package, we will prepare, package and ship the item to you as you request. We will bill your credit card for the actual cost of the USPS Flat Rate Shipping plus a handling fee of $2.50 (small box or envelope), $5.00 (medium box) or $7.50 (large box) per package. If you purchase more than one item and they will all fit in one package, there will be only one handling charge. If there is more than one package, each package will be billed separately. If the items are unable to utilize the USPS Flat Rate Priority mail service, you must arrange other shipping options as necessary. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to arrange and pay for shipping to the buyer's destination. If a professional shipper is used, please make arrangements for shipping your item(s) within the specified removal time frame. Contact MH Bar Auction via telephone to give information regarding your shipper's pick-up schedule; emails, text messages, or voicemail messages are acceptable alternatives to telephone calls, but a personal message is best practice. If you choose to contact us other than by a personal call, if you do not receive a response within one hour, assume we did not receive your message and make the telephone call. Bidder hereby grants any shipper of MH Bar Auction's choosing the right to charge their credit card the entire amount of packing, shipping and handling costs. In the event that Bidder does not pay for shipping, Bidder shall have no claim against MH Bar Auction and will forfeit the merchandise with no refunds. All items will be insured for the purchase price and delivered with signature confirmation required. Our priority is to deliver your purchase in excellent condition. Bidder agrees that any merchandise not removed by bidder within seven days of the auction will be forfeited with no refunds. 10. GOVERNING LAW; JURISDICTION: Bidder agrees that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Colorado and hereby grants sole jurisdiction and agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a court of subject matter jurisdiction located in El Paso County, Colorado. Bidder agrees and grants that service of process on them may be obtained by mailing a certified letter, containing a summons, postage prepaid, to them at the address they provided to register. Should a dispute arise between MH Bar Auction and Bidder, Bidder waives any right to a trial or hearing in a court of law and agrees to settle the dispute through binding arbitration in El Paso County, Colorado with an arbitrator appointed by the President of the Colorado Auctioneers Association. 11. SEVERABILITY: If any provision of this Agreement shall be or shall become illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, in whole or in part, for any reason, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall not be affected thereby but shall be deemed valid, binding and enforceable to the greatest extent permitted by law. 12. BIDDER IDENTIFICATION: MH Bar Auction may refuse a buyer's number and bidding privileges to anyone for any reason. Bidder agrees to provide any identification MH Bar Auction may request including but not limited to: driver's license, photocopies of credit cards, Social Security card or US Passport. Bidder agrees to comply with any stated additional terms or conditions associated with items.


Announcement: Information contained herein is presented on behalf of the seller. MH Bar Auction Co., agent for the seller, cannot guarantee the information to be correct or assume the liabilities for errors and omissions. All lines drawn on maps are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their own satisfaction. Any announcements made from the auction block on day of auction will take precedence over any matter of print and will be final.